Sales enablement software could be a game changer. Do you have over-achievers in your sales organization? We all have top performers who stand out from the crowd, but are we depending on them too much to meet team quotas? It’s easy for organizations to get in the habit of letting star sellers take center stage, but we leave money on the table when we let other reps fall behind. That’s why sales enablement (SE) is so crucial to equalizing and scaling your salesforce. 

At its core, sales enablement software works to democratize sales by providing all reps with the information, content, and tools to help them sell more effectively. It’s all about giving every salesperson the potential to improve their performance and the chance to excel. Even more, sales enablement brings critical sales metrics out from the shadows so that all salespeople know the real numbers behind their performance. 

Your team deserves to have more than just a few superheroes on board. Let’s break down how sales enablement democratizes success—and how to use it to create your own team of sales superheroes.

The right sales enablement software could mean sales success for all

Today’s sales environment is filled with more distractions than ever, which means training and enablement often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. The first sign of trouble is usually a decline in people hitting their sales goals, which often results in overburdening top performers to pull everyone over the finish line to meet team quotas. 

If that sounds familiar, sales enablement can get your entire team back on track. Sales enablement is a solution for large-scale knowledge sharing: it allows you to give all team members the best practices, tools, and resources to be successful. But there is a catch-22 to sales enablement: you run the risk of drowning your sales managers and reps in too many tools and too much content. For that reason, it’s better to work smarter, not harder when it comes to a sales enablement software. Pick a single, integrated platform and work with managers to prioritize and focus on the activities that matter most.

Content access and data transparency

Another goal of sales enablement is to distribute and provide clear access to content. Too many sales organizations have poor content distribution, organization, and version control. A great piece of content could be buried because the sales enablement software doesn’t support sharing of content data such as usage. Data transparency is just another way sales enablement democratizes the selling process. After all, how great would it be to know the best piece of content to support your next sales pitch without digging for hours? Content transparency empowers salespeople to make informed decisions for how to best use their prep time. 

Another benefit of open content access in your sales enablement software is that it empowers salespeople to take ownership of their current knowledge and growth. When you provide the right sales enablement software sales people see that they are trusted enough to have a role in shaping their own success.

Empowered, informed coaching

Coaching is the final step of sales enablement to bring it all together. Equipped with the right tools and backed by data, sales managers and trainers can engage in strategic, informed coaching. Without sales enablement software, many organizations resort to a copy and paste approach to coaching. That might be sufficient for your top performers, but it overlooks the variables of experience, confidence, and personality that exist across any team.

Instead, sales managers can build their team’s capabilities by using the learning pathways, video practice tools, and AI powered content recommendations. If a sales rep needs to focus on a specific area for growth, a well-oiled sales enablement software will have the resources and pathway to success ready for enrollment.

The right sales enablement strategy can help eliminate inequality and create more high performers. When everyone has access to the resources and coaching they need, your team’s engagement (and their performance!) will soar. Multiply that individual transformation times the number of reps on a sales team, and you have a force for change of seismic proportions.

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