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We set out to create a learning experience platform that reduces the clutter and the clunky of traditional platforms. If you're tired of an overwhelming list of features with underwhelming impact, and you want a user experience that's simple and uncomplicated, you're ready for Loop.

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Promoted learning

Get your most important learning initiatives in front of your audience.

  • Promoted microlearning
  • Learning paths
  • Practice opportunities
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Learning paths

Give your learners the guidance they need to hit their goals through a tailored learning experience for onboarding, new product launches, or any structured learning.

  • Gating and sections
  • Courses, roleplay, and media
  • Tasks and knowledge checks
A mockup of a role playing interface via video


Turn learning into action. Video roleplay allows managers to see how their learners put lessons into practice before they’re applied on the job.

  • Playback for self-reflection
  • Manager review and feedback
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Your team

Provide leaders with visibility into their team’s activity, needs, and progress so they can move beyond the LMS into real coaching conversations.

  • Learner activity
  • Feedback
  • Assignments
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Effortlessly manage any type of content with intuitive admin workflows and reporting capabilities.

  • Automated workflows
  • Content collections
  • Custom reporting
  • Branded experience

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