Learning experience platform definition? Before we get to that, let’s look at the industry. Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) have taken corporate learning by storm, blossoming into a $300M+ industry and growing by 50% each year. These LXPs have already begun to merge with or replace Learning Management Systems which have dominated the learning industry. So what is an LXP, and why should you consider investing in one?

Learning experience platform definition

So what is the learning experience platform definition? An LXP’s closest sibling is the learning management system (LMS), which houses a catalogue of coursework for a company’s employees to use. While an LMS is a closed system, its content predetermined by management, an LXP learning experience platform takes learning from the hands of managers and places it straight into the hands of employees.

In addition to being able to house all of a company’s core training and compliance, learning experience platforms expand learning possibilities by offering a vast library of channels, skills, and learning paths that are delivered to employees based on job role, usage, and even skill level using the power of AI. These robust platforms give companies the power to deliver internal training and supplement it with external training sources like LinkedIn Learning, Go1, or Open Sesame — and in many cases LXPs allow learners to opt into content of their choice in addition to content that’s assigned to them.

In short, LXPs are the Netflix or Hulu of learning, using powerful algorithms to deliver learning that is relevant and engaging to your audience while also giving companies progress-tracking, social learning capabilities, and more.

LXP learning: how it works

Now that we understand the learning experience platform definition, what kinds of learning content are offered and how are they delivered? 

Types of LXP learning Content

One of the key benefits of using LXPs is that the sky’s the limit when it comes to content types. LXPs can easily house existing training and courses while also being able to store off-the-shelf content, but let’s not forget about video, PDFs, audio, websites — anything is fair game. It’s a place where training can thrive to help learners find learning topics and formats that fit their needs.

How LXP Content is Delivered

1. Usage-based learning

All employees will be able to see learning that is recommended to them based on usage. Courses that have the most views and completion will be shown and recommended. 

2. Skills-based learning

LXP platforms also serve recommended learning to employees based on job role, and some learning experience platform vendors even use built-in assessment engines to determine the most relevant skills-based courses to recommend.

3. AI Content Analysis

Some learning experience platform vendors have begun introducing AI content-analysis, which enables the platform to go as far as finding specific sections of courses and learning content to zero in on the exact concepts and skills users need most. This feature in particular really reinforces that LXPs are the “Netflix of learning”. After all, we’ve all been swept into a Netflix binge or two based on recommendations. Maybe learners will do the same.

Now that we understand how LXPs deliver content, what are some of the core benefits of using these platforms?

Benefits of learning experience platforms

LXPs follow a learner-centered approach

While older learning systems like LMS place most control with company management, LXPs take an intentional detour from this way of doing things, presenting its users with choices (what? choices?) in the form of learning paths that are tailored to their skillsets, job role, and interests. This bottom-up way of approaching training communicates a sense of trust from a company culture standpoint, and it’s a great way to both attract and keep top-tier talent.

LXPs encourage exploratory learning

When an LXP platform is designed well, it encourages exploration and reduces friction that comes from users being spoon fed content that doesn’t meet their needs. Giving users control in their learning process inspires the kinds of soft skills companies look for in teams like self-directedness or curiosity.

LXPs open the door for modern, interactive learning

One of the many great benefits of learning experience platforms is that they are built for modern forms of learning. No longer do employees have to sit through outdated presentations and tired voiceovers. With LXPs, your company has the ability to implement modern, custom eLearning that incorporates engaging tech like video roleplay, branching scenarios, and motion graphics. All of these elements enhance course concepts, bringing ideas to life for your audience, encouraging interaction, and helping retain knowledge for success in their roles.

LXPs create a culture of learning

One of the biggest benefits of learning experience platforms is their ability to create and communicate a culture of learning. Top-tier talent look for companies that are committed to their growth and invested in their success. By fostering a culture of learning through a modern tool like an LXP, you’re communicating to every person that walks through your doors how dedicated you are to their well-being and the development of their skills.

This has the ability to transform onboarding and employee retention; offering a structured and engaging onboarding process for new hires will translate to job satisfaction and lower rates of turnover.

Invest in LXPs for better learning outcomes today

You heard the learning experience platform definition. The benefits of lxp platforms can’t be overstated—the industry will continue to grow and expand, and the question you should be asking isn’t if you will invest, but when. These platforms have all the power and modern capabilities you need to create a culture of learning, build successful teams, and reach your next big goals. So what are you waiting for?

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