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Global search is a vital function of our modern, digitized world that we often don’t even realize how essential it is to our everyday lives. Whether we’re streaming our favorite Netflix show, searching for a document on Google Drive, or accessing the company’s online manual, search helps us get the information we need when we need it. So, how does global search enhance the eLearning experience?

What is global search?

Most of us understand what search is, but what makes something a global search? Global search, rather than searching only macro terms like article or website titles, searches material in a more comprehensive way through micro terms like tags, keywords, meta descriptions, and even within dynamic content like video. The most obvious form of global search is Google’s search engine. 

When you search Google for “smartphones,” not only will you get webpage results that contain the keyword, but the search also pulls up images, shopping, videos, news, and books related to  the word. This type of search leaves no stone unturned and helps you find what you’re looking for when you need it, even if you were unsure of exactly what you were looking for.

Besides Google, we see global search work on many other platforms. Most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime incorporate search to help us find the shows we want with ease. Certain smart TV’s like Amazon Fire also incorporate search to help you explore across all streaming apps and TV add-ons to pinpoint a result. 

The ability gets especially interesting when it’s used to help your employees find what they need for their jobs.

Benefits of global search in eLearning

While we can all agree that search is perfect for helping us fill shopping carts and find the next binge-able show, it’s especially powerful for companies when used on learning experience platforms (LXPs). Here are some of the key benefits when it comes to learning.

Helps people get the right content quickly

The truth is, business moves fast, and every second you save searching for a result is a second you can put towards addressing blindspots, building skills, and applying what you learn. Because global search is intelligent and pulls from multiple touch points, it helps users get the exact information they need quickly and efficiently.

Encourages independence

Not only does global search help people find what they need quickly, but it also builds a culture of curiosity and independence among your employees, allowing them to take learning matters into their own hands. When learning is scattered across multiple mediums and not indexed for search, management has to spend more time fielding questions and helping people get the content they need.

When search is used for training, the resulting independence is good for everyone. It gives learners the confidence to take learning into their own hands, while reducing the burden on management to constantly have to communicate where information is at.

Makes for better learning outcomes

Ultimately, when learners can easily find the content and training material they’re looking for, it results in better learning outcomes. Your employees will spend more time focusing on the things they need to learn and less time searching through content that they already understand.

Global search and Loop

When it comes to finding a learning platform that enhances user experience through search, Loop is a great option. We worked hard to develop a platform that empowers companies to provide a frustration-free learning experience, and global search is just one of the ways we accomplish this.

Using search inside Loop

Using global search with Loop is as easy as typing your query into the search bar, which is located on every page of the platform. Loop then generates results based on content titles, descriptions, tags, and folders to deliver the most relevant learning to users. Admins have the ability to add content descriptions, tags, and folders to learning in order to curate a targeted experience for their employees.

Deliver the best content with global search

Now that you have an  answer to the question of, “What is global search?”, you should start exploring how to use the functionality in your learning process. You can always talk to us about how Loop can help do that. With the right tools and a powerful, targeted search feature, employees can spend less time searching for ways to grow and more time actually doing it.

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