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Remove the manual work of managing accreditation

Are you still using spreadsheets to manage your accreditation programs? There’s an easier way to customize, manage, and automate your programs.

Loop automates your accreditation program processes, from start to finish.

Accreditation is usually time-consuming and tedious—with Loop, you can streamline and simplify data collection and workflows, giving you full control over customization and automation.

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Take a look at the features and benefits when you manage accreditation with Loop.

Create custom accreditation types and applications

Add as many accreditations as your business can provide

Manage applications privately or publicly

Sync your accredited programs with external marketing sites while keeping private information confidential

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Customize your renewal terms and rules

Our system makes it easy to manage the unique requirements of your accreditation programs

Track and manage relevant program staff and faculty uniquely through custom form creation

Allows program directors to easily manage residents, resident advisors, and supervising diplomats

Update accreditation details and applications with ease

Accreditation providers can easily flex year-over-year with the changes required by their specialty

Automate approved participants into a Learning Management and Credential Providing System

Automated provisioning automatically grants approved participants access to the content and learning paths relevant to their discipline

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Interested in a streamlined and less manual process for managing your accreditations? Let’s talk about how Loop can make your life easier.